You asked and we did it!

The Original Hands Free Baby Bottle is now available in our ECO Glass range.

Why Glass?

Hygienic & Long Lasting: The Podee Hands Free Eco-Glass Baby Bottle is made from the highest quality, thermal, shock-resistant borosilicate glass. Glass bottles are easier to clean and maintain its high quality after every use!

BPA Free: All Podee bottles are BPA FREE but you can be extra sure that Podee Eco-Glass bottles are free of any harmful toxins & chemicals that may be found from plastic.

Taste: Glass bottles help preserve natural flavors so Baby’s milk tastes fresh everytime, keeping your little one happy!

Health: All Podee bottles are anti-colic, preventing reflux and ear infections.


The Bottle: Reducing plastic consumption is a huge factor in the fight to save our planet. Glass baby bottles are more durable and when no longer required are easily recycled.

The Packaging: We went one step further and created ECO friendly packaging using 100% recycled cardboard to ensure that no trees were harmed in the making of our Eco-Glass Hands Free Bottles!

Podee® Glass Baby Bottle (220ml) Baby Pink

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Podee® Glass Baby Bottle (220ml) Baby Blue

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